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J. Steven York's SECRET BRIEFS

If I told you, I'd just have to kill you.

I'm a full-time writer and part-time geek. I'm a "national best-seller" for what that's worth (not as much as you'd expect, actually) and author of more than a dozen books. I've also published tons of short-stories, articles, and written for computer games, among other things.

I'm interested in broad areas of geekdom centered around science-fiction, Star Trek, comics, movies, and various toy-lines (especially GI Joe and other 12" action figures, Major Matt Mason, and pretty much anything space related).

My geek side is mainly expressed these days in a weekly web-comic I do as a side-project, called "Minions at Work." www.MinionsAtWork.com

In my later years, I've also turned into a fan of mystery, suspense, and thrillers.

My more serious interests include science, technology, space exploration, futurism, history, and of course, writing.

I live on the Oregon coast with my wife Christina York, who also writes under her own name, and has a new mystery series coming out under the pen-name Christy Evans.

You can find out more about us and our writerly stuff at www.YorkWriters.com

- Steve